Learning style

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Learning Style
The term "learning style" refers to the fact that each person uses their own methods or strategies for learning.

While strategies vary depending on what you want to learn, eachone tends to develop certain preferences or overall trends, trends that define a learning style. Are the characteristic cognitive, affective and physiological serve as relatively stable indicators ofhow students perceive their interactions and respond to learning environments, ie they have to do with how students structure the content, form and use concepts, interpret information, solve problems,chosen means of representation (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.).
The concept of learning style is useful for understanding how we relate to aspects of school life and we understand them or not.In fact, you can sort who studies (or us) according to their different learning styles:
* Visual Learning
* Visual Auditory Learning
* Kinesthetic learning
As you can see thedifferent styles of learning are not better or worse, but more or less effective for different learning content.
Visual or auditory learners usually perform successfully in the school system, while studentsoften have academic difficulties kinesthetic, as this style of learning less considered in most classrooms.

Learning Styles Test

Select from the following three lists the skills that apply toyou always or almost always. Do not stop to think munch on your answer.
List A
1. Follow oral directions better than the visuals.
2. Prefer to listen to a lecture than reading the textbookmaterial.
3. Better understood when read aloud.
4. Strives to be clean notes in your notebook.
5. Rather listen to the radio instead of reading the newspaper.
6. They often sing, hum or whistle tothemselves.
7. He does not like to read from the computer, especially when the background is blurred.
8. When presented with two similar sounds, realize if they are equal or different.
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