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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2010
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I became interested in becoming a teacher when I started working as a Teaching Assistant with the South Huntington School District. Initially, I started working at the Elementary level; grades 3-5. As I commenced my journey, I began to learn every students needs. I learned that every student learns differently and every student is unique in their own way that is socially, academically andemotionally.
During my first year, I felt a bit uneasy with the “Teachers” not because I didn’t like them but, because when having conversations with them, they used “different language” I used to call it “Teacher language.” I didn’t understand it and that bothered me! Until, one day I took it upon myself and started taking books from the library, searching the net and so forth. I was veryeager to learn and always asked questions. I became familiar with new terminology and I began to notice that I was more involved conversing with them. At that point, I realized and said to myself….”I can do this” The next day at work, I asked the teachers to increase my job responsibilities and that I have decided to go back to school to become a Spanish teacher. My enthusiasm to learn wasuncontrollable. My responsibilities were increased and I was assigned to my very own group of students. I couldn’t believe it!
I began working with non-English students. Most of the students were from Central America who had no knowledge of the English language. Working with these students, I came across with one particular student. (I’m going to call “Sarah) “Sarah” was a very pretty littlegirl. She was from Honduras. “Sarah”, was always by herself, never spoke, not a word to anyone, she sat by herself in the cafeteria, during assembly, in the bus and always stayed in back of the line. As the days passed, I became more and more intrigued by all this. She brought me back to my Elementary years. She reminded me of someone and that someone was me. Yes, me!
One day during lunch time, Idecided to go to the cafeteria and I sat with her. As I entered the cafeteria, my students noticed and called me over. They invited me to sit with them but, I told them…. next time I will. I need to talk to “Sarah”. When I said “Sarah” they all looked at each other and said “Sarah!?” I went up to “Sarah” and sat next to her and re-introduced myself. She didn’t respond. Not a word! She justlooked at me straight in the eyes. I continued to do this for the next two weeks and still, “Sarah” did not say a word. Until one day, during group time she handed me an envelope where it said in Spanish, “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL YOU GET HOME” I couldn’t believe it. All I cared was that she finally reached out and wanted to express something. When it was time to go home I sat in my car and began to read.The reason “Sarah” did not speak was because she was ashamed of her teeth. Apparently, when she was in Honduras the students would laugh at her every time she spoke in the classroom and named her “rotten teeth” Since “Sarah” lived with her grandmother in Honduras, she was very malnourished and affected all of her teeth. While reading her letter, my heart broke in half and I began to cry.During my Elementary years, I met a very special and influential teacher. Mrs. Rubin was my third grade Resource room teacher. She was kind, caring, tender, loving, soft spoken and very patient. She inspired me and guided me throughout my Junior High School, High School and College years. She always believed in me and never once doubted with what I can and can not do. She took time with herstudents and cared for them. She knew their weaknesses and strengths and not once she judged them wrong. Mrs. Rubin knew how much I hated being new to this country, not knowing the language, not having any friends. She knew, the reason I didn’t participate in class was because of my ugly crooked teeth and afraid of being laughed at. The next day, Mrs. Rubin contacted my mom to schedule a meeting....
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