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Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary

Unit 4: Teaching grammar through the use of texts and Task-based grammar learning


|Student’s name ||
|This document includes theguidelines for the mid-term project you are required to do for unit 4. |
|Read the instructions for the task carefully before you do it.|
|When you have finished it, save the task-document in the portfolio. Then, submit it by the due date following the instructions given |
|inthe Academic Guide. |
|You have two weeks for doing this project.|

Mid-term Project: Teaching Grammar
Part 1
• Now that you have analyzed four approaches to teaching grammar(deductive, inductive, through the use of texts, and task-based grammar learning).
• Choose one approach that you may use in your teaching context and design an activity.
• Describe theactivity thoroughly. Please include the following information:
1. Name of the activity

2. Proficiency level of students - age

3. Time

4. Objective(s)

5. Materials6. Procedure

7. Evaluation

• Implement the activity and report on it.
• You have two weeks for doing this task.

• You may use the template below:
|Lesson Plan Template...
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