Letra de que sera

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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Whatever will be,
Will be.

Delete me from your friends
I don't care what you think
Let'sforget we ever met
Don't cha worry 'bout me

So I'm sick to my stomach
When I'm think about the wasted time we spend togetherPlanning on forever

Cheat me once, shame on you
Cheat me twice, shame in me
I'm an idiotThat I couldn't see whats underneath

That beautiful face
Or these warm or worse days
Surprise, surpriseI'm doing just fine

Que sera, sera
Que sera, seraWhatever comes I'll be okay
Whatever life Throws my way
You wish I'd hurt
But I'm as free as a bird
And I'm happierno-ow-ow-ow

Que sera

I could never go back
To a thing that didn't lastAnd I'm sorry to say
That you're living in the past

And if you'd ever believe
I would take you back (no)It took you long to get in
But now you're out so fast

The way you played your cards
shoulda told me who you arealways goin' all in
and you hated when I win

Just had me whipped too far
I shoulda known from the start
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