Letter to a friend

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  • Publicado : 25 de septiembre de 2010
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You have been invited to a concert. After quite a lot of arguing with your parents, who didn’t want you to attend, you are allowed to go to the show. Write a letter or an email to yourclosest friend who is abroad, telling him/her the reasons your parents gave you for not wanting you to attend and how you eventually persuaded them to let you go. Write at least 400 words.


What’s up dude? What about your trip, is Costa Rica as cool as your brother told us? I feel we haven’t had one of those large and deep talks we usually have…ha! I think I’m missing youfellow... I’m writing to tell you that next week, when you come back, we’ll be celebrating your arrival in The Kink’s concert. After weeks and weeks of arguing with my mom, she finally allowed me to go…andguess what? Yeah, I have already bought two tickets!!
First she said that it was too dangerous for two teenagers to go to a heavy metal concert. Then, my father tried to convince me that only drugaddicts and drunken people listen to these bands and go to these creepy concerts. He taught me some of his greatest albums, but he only showed two or three boring hits of The Beatles; his music isn’tcool or stimulating, it’s tedious and antique. Both said that there was no way of convincing them. I was getting sick of them.
But fortunately, they were not as hard as they seem. Suddenly I had a greatidea, I was going to reveal them my dream and I tell them that I wanted to be a rock star. They couldn’t believe what I was saying, they were astonished, and then they started laughing stridently. Ibroke into tears and ran into my room; my reaction was really unexpected. They were completely bewildered and confused.
I fiercely closed the door. After one or two hours, my parents started feelingpity for me; in some way, I think that they finally understood me. My mom came to my room with a glass of milk and chocolate cookies; she told me that they were sorry for hurting my feelings, and...
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