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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Libreto En Inglés Para Un Noticiero
The New News
P1: Catalina

P1=Good afternoon televiewers from Colombia and whole the world, Inthe new news is the only channel that has the information for you.
We are going to present the Entitles
* Today May twenty eighth of two thousand ten we are going to talk about the dangers in thesocial nets, the good things and bad things.
* The disturbances in the National University and how affects to the students and the teachers
* In the sports section we’ll see an appetizer forMundial and a secrets about South Africa.
* In our section health we’ll talk about a society taboo, we are talking about sex, we’ll give a tips for the good sex.-------------------------------------------------
All this when we coming soon…
Have you broken a Condom? Well we have a solution for your problems… we present a new condom JK
Is a uncial condom!!
If you use JK condoms, we’ll give you a new sensation.
P2: We come back with the new news.. Well the Facebook is a tool very useful for our live, but thereare people that used that for the bad things; frequently has occurred crimes for the young people, like extortions, violations and loots. For example this girl that didn’t have carefulness with thesocial net Facebook, she accepted a invitation from a strange and he was a criminal, by this simple fact she was murdered and her body hasn’t been found.
P1: incidents occurred yesterday in theNational University when the ELN took the square of the university… the police can’t enter university because students will protect the deal they don’t want the police force on university campus.

P2: hiviewers, today in the sport section us have a bad news and good news about the Mundial South Africa 2010, who you want listen first… the good news or the bad news??
Ok let’s go with the bad news......
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