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Mamma Mia!
Music: Benny Andersson + Bjærn Ulvaeus
Lyrics: Benny Andersson + Bjærn Ulvaeus
Book: Catherine Johnson
Premiere: Tuesday, April 6, 1999


Prologue - "I have a dream."

I have a dream
A song to singTo help me cope
With anything
If you see the wonder
Of a fairy tale
You can take the future
Even if you fail

(She kisses and posts 3 envelopes as she reads out the names from the envelopes)

Sam Carmichael
Bill Austin
And Harry Bright
Good Luck....

Ali: (Offstage) Sophie
Lisa: (Offstage) Sophie

(Ali and Lisa climb over the wall.)

Ali: Sophie! Ahhh!
Lisa: Hi!
Sophie: Ali,Lisa, where have you been? I thought you'd get here hours ago.
Ali: What a journey! Guess who left their ticket on the kitchen table.
Lisa: We said "We have to get on this plane - it's our best friend's wedding tomorrow."
Sophie: Lisa!
Lisa: Sophie!
Ali: We made such a fuss. ....We were in that plane even without the ticket!
Lisa: So where is he then. Your Sky? We are dying to meet him.Ali: How's your mum? I bet Donna's been going nuts over this wedding.
Sophie: Yeah, well listen I've got a secret and you're the only ones I can tell.
Lisa: Oh my god! You're pregnant.
Sophie: No! I'm inviting my Dad to my wedding.
Ali: Your Dad?
Lisa: You mean you've found him at last?
Sophie: Not exactly! Look I found this in Mum's desk. (She shows them a diary)
Ali: Sophie, you're notsupposed to go around reading your Mum's diary!
Lisa: No! She's supposed to go around reading yours.
Sophie: But Look! 1979, the one she kept the year she fell pregnant with me. You know how she won't talk about my Dad, says she cant remember. Huh! (Reading from the diary) July 17th.What a night. After the show Sam rode me over to the little island. We danced on the beach and kissed on the beach anddot dot dot
Ali: What?
Lisa: Dot Dot Dot - It's what they did in the olden days
Sophie: (Reading) "Sam's the one, I know he is. I've never felt this before."

"Honey Honey"

Honey Honey
How he thrills me aha Honey Honey
Honey Honey
Nearly Kills me aha honey honey
I've heard about him before
I wanted to know some more
And now I know what they mean
He's a love machine
Oh hemakes me dizzy

Ali: A Love machine?
Sophie: That's nothing

Honey Honey
Let me feel it aha honey honey
Honey Honey. Don't conceal it aha honey honey
The way that you kiss goodnight

Ali/Lisa: The way that you kiss me goodnight

Sophie: The way that you hold me tight

Ali/Lisa: The way that you're holding me tight

Sophie: I feel like In want to sing

Sophie/Lisa: When you doyour ...thing!

Lisa: So this guy Sam's your dad?
Sophie: The plot thickens. Sam told Mum he was going home to get married.
Lisa: Bastard!
Ali: Typical bloody man
Sophie: I know. August 4th...What a night! I was still feeling depressed about Sam When after the show 'Bill' rented a motorboat and I took him over to the little island. One thing led to another and... dot dot dot
Ali/Lisa: BillSophie: August 15th. What a night! Harry turns up out of the blue so I said I'd show him the little island. I must need my head examined. But he was so sweet I couldn't help it and....
All: Dot Dot Dot
Sophie: Yes! The sperm donor has a name, well three names! Sam Bill or Harry.
Ali: And they're all arriving for the wedding?
Sophie: Yes!
Lisa: Oh my god! Do they know?
Sophie: What do you writeto a total stranger? Come to my wedding you might be my dad. No! They think Mum sent the invitiations - and after what's in here I'm not surprised they all said yes.

All: Honey Honey
Touch me baby aha honey honey
Honey Honey
Hold me baby aha honey honey
You look like a movie star
But I know just who you are
You want me to say the least
You're a dot dot .....beast

Lisa: Oh my god...
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