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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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During the observation process I could realize the teacher was a person with a good command of the subject. He knew what he was teaching. But something that really called my attention is the factthat some students do not pay attention to the teacher. They seem to be interested in other external things. They were talking, making some noise, disrupting the class and they did not allow theirclassmates to have a good development in the class.
The main factors could be the lack of interest of the students to the class, another reason would be the idea that those students are not involved inthe class and worse yet, English seemed to be difficult for them. There are many factors which make English a non-desired subject for students: it could be difficult, it is useful for nothing, it isjust a requisite, it is a normal subject, or what is more common: teachers who teach English are not English teachers, they do not know how to teach or they do not teach well. No matter the reason,English more than a subject is the most important language nowadays.

For problems before mentioned, there are strategies to overcome them; but the problem exposed in the classroom need specialattention because it was observed during the observation process. It should not be called “lack of interest”; on the other hand, it can be named “why students disrupt the class”. They can show certaininterest in learning English, develop their capacities for a second language or learn it easily. But why are some students disrupting the class? That is the question is going to be answered in this report.Different strategies are done at the moment of catching students’ attention when teachers teach English. The bad behavior of students in the class can be associated with lack of motivation, butsometimes they are motivated but there is missing something else. Strategies like giving students the necessary time to speak in class and the teacher not to be the only one who talks and talks. Many...
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