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Rick Riordan
     This book is the 1st book out of 5. It's about a boy that has a lot of weird things happen to him throughout his life. In preschool the teacher put him down for a nap and his cot was full of snakes and the teachers found him playing with a lifeless body of a serpent. In 2nd grade his class went to the park. A man was following him and when his teacher threatened to call thecops he left but no one believed Percy that the man had one eye in the center of his head. If you think that's a lot of stuff,he also has ADHD too.
     The 3 main characters are: Percy Jackson, Grover, and Annabeth. Percy is the son of Poseidon and the main character in the book. He is very stubborn, brave, mischievous, and gullible. Percy has black hair green eyes and kinda tall. Grover is the onethat brought Percy to camp Half-Blood. Grover is a satyr as well. He gets scared easily and cracks under pressure. waist up he looks like a boy, waist down he looks like a goat. Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. She helps Percy and Grover in their quest to find Zeus's Master Bolt. She is very confident and brave too. She has blond hair and grey eyes
     The story begins with Percy andGroverat Yancy Academy with Mr. Brunner [aka Chiron]. Then Percy gets kicked out of Yancy Academy and goes to the ocean with his Mom, Sally Jackson. Then a huge storm hits and Grover shows up, and then the trio leaves and goes to Camp Half-Blood on Half-Blood Hill. When they get to the top of Half-Blood Hill they get confronted by a Minotaur, when Percy trys to get Grover to safety the Minotaur attacksPercy's Mom. The Minotaur almost kills her but then she disappeared in a flash of golden light. Percy kills the Minotaur. He takes Grover to the camp. Then he faints and is knocked out for two days.
     When Percy wakes up he finds out that Mr. Brunner is the legendary Chiron the Centaur and finds out he is the activity directer. On his first day Annabeth, the girl that helps make him better,shows him around Camp Half-Blood. In the middle of his tour he meets a girl from the Ares cabin #11, Clarisse. When she almost gave him a swirly all the toilets and showers sprays gallons and gallons of water on Clarisse and her goons they  all get drenched. But when it stops Percy has a ring of dry cement around him and he is completely dry not one drop of water on him. A couple of days later thewhole camp plays a game of capture the flag with real swords, spears, shields, and armor. In the middle of the game Clarisse and her friends attack Percy so the other kids on Percy's team could capture their flag. After Luke takes Clarisse's team flag it turns into Hermes flag [which is Percy's cabin till he finds out who his father is]. Then out of the forest a Hellhound jumps out and trys to killPercy. Chiron shoots the Hellhound in the neck with an arrow. As Percy is laying in the water bleeding, all his wounds heal instantly when he stands up a golden trident with blue energy swirling around it is above his head. As it fades every one kneels. Chiron trots up to him and tells him something Percy Jackson is the son Poseidon.
     Chiron gives Percy a quest to find Zeus's Master Bolt itis said that it makes Atomic Bombs seem like fire crackers. Percy has a choice he can take two companions but one was chosen for him, Annabeth. Percy chooses Grover for his other companion. Before they leave Chiron and Luke have gifts for Percy. Chiron gives Percy a ballpoint pen but when you take the cap off it turns into a sword called Riptide. Luke gives him a pair of flying shoes that hisfather Hermes gave him. After that they make their way to New York City to catch a Gray Hound bus to L.A. When they get on the bus the three Furies or the Kindly Ones get on their bus. When they get into a dark tunnel the Furies go from there old lady forms into their bat like monster forms in seconds. While they fight the Furies it starts to storm.
The three friends get out of the bus right as a...
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