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A blog is a webpage where a person or a group of people write posts about some kind of theme (Blogs are usually specialized in one or few topics) which people can read and comment.A bloghas an inverse timeline, which means that the first posts (the ones on top of the page) are the last posts written. The interesting thing about this is that in that comments conversations can andprobably will arise. Users who comment can also post links to other blogs o sites of interest. All these consolidates what could be called “presocial network”. Some blogs may be created under the samedomain. This consolidates a network of blogs a.k.a. blogosphere where there are several blogs and bloggers posting about different topics that may or may not be related to each other. This structureallows multiple conversations. An example of blogosphere could be Hipertextual.Under the domain we can find various blogs: ALT1040, ALTFoto, AppleWeblog, Bitelia, Cuchara Sónica, Ecetia,Extracine, F1Actual, Gizmologia, Gizmóvil, Monkeyzen, motorFULL and vivirMéxico. A blogosphere forms what is known as a scale-free network because of the way the information is linked. Quoting fromWikipedia ! “The most notable characteristic in a scale-free network is the relative

commonness of vertices with a degree that greatly exceeds the average. The highest-degree nodes are often called"hubs", and are thought to serve specific purposes in their networks, although this depends greatly on the domain.”

One important characteristic of blogs is that anyone with Internet access can createtheir own. There are two ways to do this: You can pay for a domain and a web hosting service where you can create your blog from scratch or, for starters, you can sign up in one of the services thatallow you to have your own blog for free but with some limitations. The most important ones are Blogger by Google and Wordpress. The second thing that is needed in order to have a successful blog is...
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