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To do in case of an earthquake
before an earthquake
You should develop an emergency plan to identify safe areas, emergency exits and evacuation routes in your home, school or work

You mustproperly secure tables, bookcases, shelves, file cabinets, tables, etc. This will keep falling easily.
You should find the location of fire extinguishers, hydrants, medicine, power switches, and faucetsand gas

You should identify the nearest emergency services to your school, work and home and prepared a directory that you always have on hand.
You should try to concentrate in an accessibleplace a flashlight, radio batteries, important documents, a change of clothes, water and medical supplies.

During an earthquake
In case of earthquakes follow the instructions of the staffresponsible to the emergency.

In case of an earthquake go to the areas of withdrawal or the site identified as the safest.

In case of earthquake tries to stay calm
In case of an earthquake offcigarettes or anything that may cause a fire.

In case of earthquake retire from windows, lamps, screens of glass, equipment or machinery that could fall.

Earthquake should stay away from heat.

Incase of earthquakes do not use elevators.

Protect yourself in case of an earthquake in a door frame, next to a column or under a desk.

In case of an earthquake stay away from windows, power linesand high voltage.

In case of an earthquake if you're driving, brake slowly, turn on emergency lights and park in a safe place (not under bridges, overpasses or power lines).
After an earthquakeWhy don´t you shut off water and gas. If you smell gas, switch off the electricity.
If I were you I'd rather not turn team matches or flame or those giving rise to electrical items can produce sparks.If I were you want to follow the instructions of the focus groups in emergencies and seeks to cooperate with the requirements issued. If it is considered safer to evacuate the building, must be...
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