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  • Publicado : 27 de agosto de 2012
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I was in two different positions, the first one was in the quick service restaurant ABC COMISSARY, were I had had different positions as bussing, counter and in the kitchen making the hamburgers.The second position was in table service at the restaurant Mamas Melrose, which put me as seater, in this position all I do is sit and check in guests, and as a greeter.
In the first position I hadat first was a bit difficult because I had to pick up trash and cleaning tables, and this was not what I expected but with time it was improving and I I started more responsibilities that made me feelgreat and motivated me to continue working.
In the second position it cost me more work to adapt because I was very happy in the previous work because I had knew friends and the most important thingI was completely adapted, but I think my second position know I am starting to like it and I am learning new things.
I think I went above and beyond what it was expected of me because I realized Iachieve all my goals.
The course that I take in Disney name exploring heritage, where we were taught about the life of Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney, where they explain us about all theirplans and how they grew over time to become the company they are now.
This course is totally different to the ones I made in my school, but I think something I can say is that professionalism of theperson that imparted this is better than many of my teachers in Mexico.
This course exceeded my expectations, to be honest I did not know what course to choose from all those who gave us, so randomly Ichose this and I loved it because I learned more than the history of Walt Disney company.
My instructor was David Howarth and is an excellent instructor; always kept us entertained as his sense ofhumor he was excellent. It deserves a 5
Disney College Program exchange was the best experience that it have lived because I have met wonderful people and different cultures which has made me learn...
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