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Accessibility Start GuideUbuntu 6.06 provides assistive technology support in the basic boot and install, with further packages available in the repositories. This guide is a practical guide togetting started with Ubuntu using it's default assistive technology features. Further information is available in the Ubuntu wiki.
Booting the Live CDThe standard Ubuntu Live CD can accommodate users witha range of disabilities using different boot options. This section explains how to activate these features on the Live CD.
As the Live CD starts up a boot screen is displayed with various optionsfor starting the system including choice of language, special hardware settings and accessibility settings. Pressing F5 produces a menu of accessibility options with the following choices:
NoneLesser Visual Impairment
Moderate Visual Impairment
Minor Motor Difficulties

The options are accessed by using the arrow keys and pressing Enter. The default option is'None'. So to access the 'Moderate Visual Impairment' option, press F5, the down arrow twice and Enter. Press Enter again to boot the CD with this option.
The system will now require 1-2 minutes to startfrom the CD. The assistive technology option selected above will start with the system.
InstallingInstallation can be performed with the basic installation CD, or more commonly, starting the LiveCD and running the graphical install program. The Live CD approach allows you to test that the software works well with your hardware before installing. In both cases, the assistive technologyapplications are installed by default, but only the Live CD has assistive technology support during the install process.
Known limitationsLive CD boot menu: The Live CD boot menu has small print and no audiofeedback.
Installation: The Live CD installer does not provide speech output via Gnopernicus.
Magnifier: The magnifier fails to start automatically on the Live CD (work-around: log out and...
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