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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2010
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16 year old gives her child up for adoption.

The mother only cry when gove to her child, about at 8:00p.m. o´clock

On July14, 2010 took place in the Santiago, Chile city, the amazing delivery of a newborn child to his adoptive mother, the special case is that thebiological mother of the little Amaral Rosario is a young woman just 16 years of age, the teenager said thar she does not feel able to support acreature of his age, much less wish to have it go through a bitter and cruel life, then to speak it hard with her boyfriend Alberto AndrésAltamirano Bost Gonzalez, a teenager of 16 years old too, both decided to carry out the difficult decision. Although at one point, after the birthof small, questioned about their decision, they knew what was best for her and for themselves.

The Baby was born on the Sotero del Riohospital, on July 9, 2010 and she was with her mother, María José, only for 5 days before that she give her up for adoption

However, such treatmentwas carried out through an open adoption, in which the biological parents of the children can visit and she will have all the freedom to know,know about them and above all, understand why their parents had and took that hard decision.

The parents of the teenagers said to be veryhappy and confortable with the decision of their sons because they know that their sons are veryyoung like for have a little baby in their house.
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