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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2010
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Check these words

Sand, noticed, pulling back, realized, shout wildly, cave. hill,, find shelter, huge wave, heart was beating fast,
Crashing, frightening, palm trees, lay flat, damage, flooded, smashed windows, joined in, costing the lives
October 15
My friends and i were at the beach when it happened. I was washing the sand off my shoes in the water when I noticed the water was pullingback from the beach. Suddenly I realize what was happening. I shouted at my friends wildly before we knew it we were running towards a cave at the top of a nervy hill to find shelter as we were climbing up the hill a huge wave was forming in the sea behind us my hearts was beating fast we entered the cave the wave were crazing on the beach below the noise was frightening about an hour latereverything was quiet again we looked outside people were crying for help some palm trees were laying flat in the water it was terrible we ran home to see if our families were ok
October 16
We went to the each to see how bad the damage was, Tony's Restaurant was flooded and the hotels had smashed windows. Some people were cleaning up the beach. Everyone was trying to help and we joined in, too.On the news, they were saying an earthquake happened out at sea, costing the lives of two people and causing damage to lots of buildings.
Most burglars break into people's house.wen no one is home. They steal cash and goods and try to escape quickly. This wasn't the case for a hungry burglar in Amsterdam The burglar left his home at around '2am on Saturday. he broke into a house, went straight to the kitchen and opened the fringe door inside he found some frees fish and cold drinks.
He search cupboards and found a frying pan a few minutes later he was preparing a meal wile the house owner a woman was sleeping upstairs the smell of cooking woke her up she quietly went downstairs to check in her kitchen a stranger wasfrying fish and drinking a soda the woman immediately called the police who arriver in minutes to arrest the burglar for stealing the fish

Early last Monday morning, police in Ohio were chasing a car traveling at 90 mph through the streets. The driver of the car and three other passengers eventually stopped, got out of the car and ran off, The police managed to grabthree of them. The driver of the car quickly jumped over a wall and landed ... in a police station parking lot! There was nowhere for him to go and police officers arrested him
Check these words
burglar, break info, steal cash, escape, case, hungry, go straight to, search, prepare a meal, smell, downstairs, stranger, immediately, arrest, chase, eventually, run off, grab, (and, parking lotstrange dreams
You'll never guess what 1 dreamt last night i was at a party. People were dancing and eating. Everyone was talking happily and enjoying themselves except for me. When I tried to talk to people, they completely ignored me. I went to the buffet and billed my plate with sandwiches and melon. I was about lo eat it when a strange man walked over quickly and took my plate. 1 tried tofill my plate several times ... only for the man to come over abruptly and take it again.
1 woke up starving and ran anxiously to the kitchen to get something to eat!!
Mandy, Tuesday March 8th, 2:12 p.m.
Very funny ... . I was dreaming one night that I was at school. I was studying in the library when a few of my friends came with a chocolate cake and offered me a slice. I refused politely as Idon't like cake. A few minutes later some other friends of mine came with an almond cake and offered me a piece. I refused again so they offered me pieces of chocolate. I ate some slowly
and they were delicious. I woke up the next morning with the taste of chocolate in my mouth! Now that's a sweet dream!! Ann, Wednesday March •" 9th , 5:03 pm

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