Los celulares

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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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The Cell Phone

In the beginning was the land line ... and then the cell was

Martin Cooper developed the first cell phone ever, with his team at Motorola. It took 10 years to that in 1983, the world could have access to this technology commercially. Until then, the reign of remote electronic communications, or telecommunications, fixed
Telephony exerted by cables.

In Colombia, on theother hand, it took another 10 years before, in 1993, under the 1991 Constitution Act was passed the famous cellular and Joint Ventures, through which allowed the telephone business Joint ventures cell and, as necessary alliance, at the State level and national and international private investors, which would allow the settlement of such revolutionary communications technology in our country,tired of expensive and complex at the time. But it was only around 1997, 4 years after the establishment of the law, when cell phones inroads into the domestic market, although it had appeared the first companies that provide cellular communication service, region, that after a process of partnerships, mergers and acquisitions led to the companies now have control of the business.

Many peopleprobably did not experience or remember how a world without the use of this unique device that is now commonplace and against which children and young people must think that has always existed and see it as something normal , natural, irreplaceable and absolutely necessary and do not see the world, and its development in life without having a phone they get.

Moreover, for a majority of youngpeople and adults is a symbol of prestige to have a cell phone, but not everyone, but one with the latest, that is, with the latest innovations. In fact, do not settle for less than a Blackberry or an Iphone, which has made the cell is an integral part of its existence, part of the identity of their lives, a new appendix without which no one can live. This is what gives projection of success,confidence to others, and winning, modern image, it is a social status identifier. It is a symbol of wealth, quality of life, and ease for many everyday activities.

For students of the economics of innovation, the cell phone is a indicator of progress, development of people, progress in technology. For the upstart and snobbery is a sign almost tragic not have a cell phone, or have two or three,supposedly cheaper to communicate with friends by the operator. Cell phone definitely here to stay and the rapid progress we see today make us think that there are still many developments to come and that our imagination does not end in sight. The landline, probably very soon, will be history.

A world without cell Phone

“It is hard to imagine a world without cell phones. We use they almost everyday to
communicate with the world around us.”

But how we communicated so before 1997? it very simple by private and public phones, pagers bippers, long-range cordless phones and even through e-mail that was about 7 years old just beginning to be common for people (because the internet as we know in our time, burst into the world to the early 90's), especially for entrepreneurs,executives and students in universities. They aid system, to meet our absence, such as answering machines or systems fonobipper. Certainly in times of emergency was difficult to contact someone and lost appointments often not able to report the delay when he was in a "traffic jam." But was the price to be paid to the limited possibilities that technology offered at that time. As the cell still unknown inour country, no one felt the need to take a while since we received the news of this new technology from the United States and Europe.

Social and environmental impacts of cell phone

The impact is not negligible, not to mention the effect on the culture of rampant consumerism, compulsive, since the cell phone, as the vehicle, has become a status symbol and a standard of success, both in...
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