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The use of this software for illegal activities, including infringement of intellectual property laws is strictly forbidden, and may subject the user to civil and/or criminal penalties.

Thefollowing information is provided as a public service by aresgalaxy. Please also read the important Consumer Alert at www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/sharealrt.htm concerning peer to peer software fromthe U.S. Federal Trade Commission.


Copyright Infringement Liability - P2P technology makes it possible to share all kinds of information. Some information isprotected by copyright, which means that you generally need the copyright owner's permission before you make it available to other P2P users. Popular music, movies, games, and software are often protected bycopyright.
Copyright infringement can result in significant monetary damages, fines and even criminal penalties. Some copyright owners have filed civil lawsuits against individuals that they believeunlawfully distributed large numbers of copyrighted songs. You can learn more about copyright laws at www.p2punited.org/copyright.php
Data Security - P2P software programs let users shareinformation with other users around the globe. They allow users to view the contents of each others' "shared folders." If you have personal information in your shared folder, anyone else using the same P2Psoftware has access to it. Another user could use that information to commit identity theft, or to embarrass you. Please pay attention to the files that you place in, or download to, your shared folder.Don't put information in your shared folder that you aren't comfortable sharing with strangers.

In particular, do not put tax, medical, banking, correspondence or any other sensitive personal filesin the same folder as files that are shared via your P2P software program.

To report identity theft, or for more information about identity theft, please consult the Federal Trade Commission's...
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