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|Guidelines of Application Form for |
|the JICA Training and Dialogue Program |

The attached form is to be used to apply for the training and dialogue programs of the Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA), which are implemented as part of the Official Development Assistance Program of the Government of Japan. Please complete the application form while referring to the following and consult with the respective country’s JICA Office - or the Embassy of Japan if the former is not available - in your country for further information.

|1. Parts of Application Form to be completed|

1) Which part of the form should be submitted?
It depends on the type of training and dialogue program you are applying for.
|>Application for Group and Region Focused Training Program |
|Official application and Parts A and B must be submitted.|
| |
|>>Application for Country Focused Training Program including Counterpart Training Program |
|Part B will be submitted. Official application and Part A need not tobe submitted |

2) How many parts does the Application Form consist of?
The Application Form consists of three parts as follows;
|Official Application |
|This part is to be confirmed and signed by the head of the relevant department/divisionof the organization which is applying. |
| |
|Part A. Information on the Applying Organization |
|This part is to be confirmed by the head of the relevant department/division of theorganization which is applying. |
| |
|Part B. Information About the Nominee |
|This part is to be completed by the person who is nominated by the organization applying.|
|The applicants for Group and Region Focused Training Program are required to fill in every item. As for the applications for |
|Country Focused Training Program including Counterpart Training Program and some specified International Dialogue Programs, it is|
|required to fill in the designated “required” items as is shown on the Form.|

Please refer to the General Information to find out which type the training and dialogue program that your organization applies for belongs to.

|2. How to complete the Application Form |

In completing the application form, please be advised to:
a) carefullyread the General Information (GI) for which you intend to apply, and confirm if the objectives and contents are relevant to yours,
b) be sure to write in the title name of the course/seminar/workshop/project accurately according to the GI, which you intend to apply,
c) use a typewriter/personal computer in completing the form, of which the electronic version is available on the web site:...
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