Luis muñoz marín

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Luis Muñoz Marín

José Luis Alberto Muñoz Marín, who we most know as Luis Muñoz Marín, was a Puerto Rican journalist, poet, and politician who was born on February 18, 1898. He studied elementary school at William Penn Public School in Santurce, which was a recognize district of San Juan. Luis Muñoz Marín was the first democratically elected Governor of Puerto Rico. People said that ‘Muñozproduced and worked like a devil’ing. He worked fourteen to sixteen hours a day and he expected others to do the same th. He was the son of Luis Muñoz Rivera, a famous autonomist leader, poet and a politician, responsible for founding two newspapers, ‘El Diario and La Democracia’.names of newspapers in Itallics His father was elected to serve as Secretary of State of Puerto Rico and chief of theCabinet for the independent Government of Puerto Rico. He also assisted in establishing an insular police force, but opposed the military colonial government that was established by the United States, in the long term he resigned from office on February 4, 1899. Luis Muñoz Marín grandfather known as Luis Muñoz Iglesias was born on October 12, 1797, in Palencia Spain. He served in the Spanish Army,where he had and received several recognitions, after working against Simón Bolívar during the Admirable Campaign. Not necessary—you can say that he came from a family involved in politics and give example When Muñoz Marín was three years old, his family and him moved to New York for several reasons what reasons?. Living in New York, Muñoz Marín learned to speak English. This helped Muñoz Marín whenhe came back to school in Santurce because he already knew English and could understand the material given no- you can say that he could understand the material that was taught in English. When the family went back to live in Puerto Rico, In the other hand his father founded the bilingual newspaper ‘Puerto Rico Herald’ name of newspaper in Itallics. His father also founded Go back to google andfind what was the political idea of the Unionist party—did they want independence, autonomy or statehood? Luis Muñoz Marín’s father founded the Unionist Party in Puerto Rico, which won the election in 1904. Later on he was selected as a member the House of Delegates for what where?. He died on November 15, 1916. It The death of his father caused was an impact on Muñoz Marín life.
When his fatherdied heMunoz Marin began writing poetry, he and even published two books. Find titles of books In 1932, he joined a the Liberal Party and ran for senator for what? Puerto Rico did not have its own government—what kind of government was this. On March 13, 1932, Muñoz Marín was nominated by the party for the post of senator. He wanted Eleanor Roosevelt you need to explain who this person was, whyshe was important and why LMM wanted to bring her to the island to examine Puerto Rico's problems personally and convinced her to travel to the main island.
A few months later, Roosevelt was received in ‘Fort San Felipe del Morro’ and ‘La Fortaleza’, before traveling to ‘El Fanguito’, which is a poor sector that had received the impact of an hurricane. Images from the visit were published bynewspapers in Puerto Rico and the United States. Following his wife's report, Franklin D. Roosevelt you have to say he was the President included Puerto Rico in the New Deal program what is thisNew Deal—say that it was a project to improve the economic conditions in the US because of the Great Depression.. Muñoz Marín became a popular political figure due to his involvement in the program since theprogram helped the poor people.
In 1937, Muñoz Marín was expelled from the Liberal Party because of the disagreements between Muñoz Marín and Antonio R. Barceló. This was mostly based on disagreements on how to bring independence to Puerto Rico. Later on he created a group known as ‘Acción Social Independentista’. Then he took part the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico.W Didn’t he found...
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