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Escuela Digital Superior de Informática e Inglés

English Course as a Foreign Language

Teacher: Sergio J. Carrillo Date:___________

Basic Quiz II

Unit 14:Comparatives, superlatives, and questions with how.

Name: ________________

ID: ___________________

Exercise 1:

Instructions: read the conversation carefully and choose thebest answer from the Word bank.

the tallest beautiful big the largest

the biggest the most larger than

think which what

tallerbigger than I’m not sure

1. A: what is ______________ mountain in the world?

B: I’m not sure. I ___________ think it’s K2?

A: Actually, Mt. Everest is_______________ than K2.

2. A: Have you ever been to Angel Falls?

B: Yes, I have. It’s a very __________ waterfall.

A: That’s true. But I think NiagaraFalls is ___________ beautiful waterfall in the world.

3. A: The Colina Lake is very ____________.

B: Is it ______________ the Salt Lake?

A: Yes, it is.It’s _______________ lake in Mexico.

4. A: ____________ city is lager, Monterrey or Puebla?

B: Monterrey is ____________ Puebla.

A: ____________ is thelargest city in Mexico?

B: _________________ . I think Chihuahua is _____________ city.

Exercise 2:

Instructions: read the questions carefully and chose thebest answer.

1. How (cold/ high/ long) is the Colorado River?

2. How (high/ far/ deep) is Chihuahua from Yucatan?

3. How (cold/ long/ big) is Garden City? Doesit get to -10° Celsius in winter?

4. How (high/ deep/ far) is the Pacific Ocean?

5. How (big/ high/ long) is the Mt. Cross? Is it more than 2,892 meters high?
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