Macbeth notes

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Macbeth Notes
Act 1 Scene 1
* 1st Witch- The setting Scotland in 1040
* Duncan is the King
* From the witches we learned that, 1st There's a battle/war going on. 2nd Meet Macbeth laterthat day.
* "Fair is foul, and foul is fair" is the key tone of the story. Is good murdering people, and is bad being nice to people.
* Paradox- Apparently, contradiction but it's actuallytrue.

Scene 2
* Malcolm and Donabield are King Duncan sons.
* Scotland is fighting Norway, Sweno King of Norway
* Ross is the messenger in the play
* Macbeth is going to be thenew Thane of Cawdor the 2 reasons are.1st- He was a traitor executed. 2nd- He was brave bravery killed Macdonwald.
* Graymalkin is the cat.
* Paddock is the toad.
* The mood is evil.Scene 3
* The witches nickname is the weirs sisters.
* "I've never seen a day so foul and fair. It's connecting with the key note of the play.
* 1st Witch- All hail. Macbeth will beThane of Glamis (Governor)
* Macbeth is already a Thane of Glamis because his father Sinel left him that title when he died. The 2nd witch- Predicts Macbeth Thane of Cawdor (Senator)
* 3rdWitch-Macbeth predicted that he was going to be a King (President).
* Macbeth and Banquo are Best Friends.
* Banquo is jealous when the witches told Macbeth that he was going to be King.
*The witches told him his future and they said that Banquo can't be King, but his kids and grandkids will become kings.
* Macbeth and Banquo are foils that means (Opposites) because Macbeth trustthe witches an banquo doesn't.'
* Similar in both is that they are both Warriors, Scottish and Best friends.
* Is 1 evil and 1 good.
* 2 Truths are told as happy prologues to the swellingact.
* The first steps toward that ultimate goal the throne.

Scene 4
* King Duncan castle is Forres.
* Macbeth castled is Inverress.
* "You can never tell from a man's face...
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