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Introduction to Poetry
Title: Introduction to Poetry
Author: Billy Collins
Speaker: Professor or Poet
Type: Narrative
Sound: It does not haverhyme or rhythm
Form: Open
Figurative language: Simile, “hold it up to the light like a color slide”
Personification, “tie the poem to a chair with rope andtorture a confession out of it.
Meaning: The author asks the reader to picture the poem as different things so the reader can appreciate the poetry as if it wereor is something it is not to love poetry instead of looking at it as something to do for an answer on an assignment.Consolation
Title: Consolation
Author: Billy Collins
Type: Narrative
Speaker: Author
Sound: Alliteration, “How much better to”
Form: Open
Figurative language:Simile, “It is enough to climb back into the car as if it were the great car of English itself”
Meaning: The author is consoling himself as if he was planning ongoing to Italy but instead he won’t be an he is trying to convince himself that it is better that he is staying in his home town.

Title: Litany
Author:Billy Collins
Type: Narrative
Speaker: Author or man talking to a woman
Sound: End rhymes, “the bread and the knife” , Alliteration, “You are the bread andthe knife, the crystal goblet and the wine.
Form: Open
Figurative language: Metaphor, “I am also the moon in the trees and the blind woman’s tea cup.
Meaning: Aman comparing a woman and then compares himself to different objects, and places. As if he where explaining something or teaching her some type of lesson.
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