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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2012
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No. | Speak |
1 | Good morningThank you for being here today I will talk to you about the progress that Mexico has made regarding the issue of elder abuse and neglect. |
2 | The goal of thispresentation is to show what has been done in Mexico. I´ll address three aspects: Research, Actions and Laws. |
3 | In Mexico there have been few studies on the subject of elder abuse. All have useddifferent methodologies. |
4 | The results of these investigations vary as they depend on the definition of abuse, different populations, and other factors.These three quantitative studies of samplepopulations measured the prevalence of elder abuse as reported by elderly people.These studies surveyed different rural, urban and mixed populations; used different sample sizes; and employeddifferent definitions of abuse.As you can see, there is a high prevalence of psychological and emotional abuse in the first study. It focused more on these kinds of abuse and did not include economic abuseor neglect.The low prevalence in the second study is because it only considered extreme abuse, so we cannot conclude that abuse of elderly people living in rural areas is lower. As the third studyemployed the Toronto Declaration definition, all five types of abuse were considered.Therefore, the use of different definitions and types of abuse, as well as the instruments used, affect the prevalenceresults. |
5 | The causes of elder abuse are several and complex and include social, cultural, family, and individual variables. These studies have also revealed certain risk factors associatedwith elder abuse, such as:Female genderAdvanced ageIsolationPhysical dependence Depression Self-perceptionamong others. |
6 | In the third study we see gender differences; women typically suffermore abuse. In terms of physical abuse, there are no differences in the prevalence of abuse, however women reported more physical abuse by their closest relatives (children, spouse) and men reported...
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