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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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La Costilla de Miguel Hidalgo
Mexican Food Restaurant

La Costilla de Miguel Hidalgo is a Mexican Food restaurant that offers the best quality of service in Monterrey, the establishment islocated in Ignacio Zaragoza Av. 248 corner whit Washington Av.

We decide to put our restaurant in Monterrey because people is very demanding and doesn’t exist a restaurant that pleases them,so here we have a good market to establish us. Also is a very important touristic area and the traffic is constantly.
The idea of our restaurant is provide the service that search the national andinternational tourism and give to the local people a different option of Mexican Food, not just regional food.
Our politic is “the highest quality” for that we offer typical dishes for each onestates of Mexico with the best ingredients to obtain the better taste.
Company Ownership:
The founders of the restaurant are Danny Torres and his partner Frank Bustamante. They areEntrepreneurs UVP with a Gastronomy Licenciature.

Start-up Funding:
To start-up we need a expense fund of $1,500,000 for location, raw material and salaries; obtainingearnings of $50,000 per month.

To establish us like a Mexican Food Restaurant in downtown of Monterrey, called “La Costilla de Miguel Hidalgo”. We are an establishment that offer a greatvariety of typical dishes from each one states of Mexico.
Make an effort for give an excellent service with kindness, respect and efficiency.

To be the best Mexican Food Restaurant inMonterrey offering a high quality of food and service trying to please our clients.
To expand us to USA trying to keep with our high quality like in the beginning.

Our objective likeenterprise is to provide good quality of food and accessible prices. Also we offer great variety of national dishes, giving job’s opportunity for new generations.

The restaurant is going...
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