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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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Mal nutrition is a serious problem in Peru and also now adolescents are not eating healthy. The problem is that people is not eating healthy and that they can have many problemsbecause of that. In this project I have to put what we can do to solve the malnutrition problem in Peru and also to analyze if we now are eating healthier or less healthy than 20 years ago.

BodyMalnutrition is a general term for a medical condition that is caused by an improper diet also when there is an insufficient diet. It refers to under nutrition resulting from inadequate consumption, poorabsorption or also excessive loss of nutrients. [1]

For poor people:
To solve this problem of malnutrition we will need to follow some examples of other countries (advanced countries). I thinkthat we would need to have a better condition of life, by having water and light for people that doesn’t have it, also by decreasing the level of poorness in the country so people is going to have betterresources and more food for them so they are going to be more healthy. [2]

For other class of people:
To solve the problem of malnutrition in people those have a bad diet. I think that they willneed to have a better diet by not eating too many fats and also to improve their diet with more healthy things like vegetables and fruits. Also to do sports, because sports are good for many things inthe body and could help the people with malnutrition. [2]

In my opinion like an adolescent I think that now we are eating less healthy than 20years ago, because 20 years ago in Peru we doesn’thad many restaurants containing fats like now that we have many restaurants containing lots of fats like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza hut and many other food containing a lot of fats. Also now many people eata lot of fats and don’t do sports, which can make them to get sick of the heart or other part of the body that can be affected by the excess of fats. The problem is that many people prefer to eat a...
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