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NAME:_______________________________________________ DATE:______________________

1. Write questions.
Ex.I’m Brazilian.
Am I Brazilian?
a. You’re Mexican.______________________________
b. He’s a student._______________________________
c. It’s a dictionary.______________________________d. We’re tired._________________________________
e. They’re classmates.___________________________

2. Write complete sentences. Use the simple present of be.
Ex: He / not / tall.He’s not tall
a. They / not / happy _______________________________
b. She / not / Italian.________________________________
c. It / not / cold.___________________________________
d.We / not / in sixth grade.__________________________
e. I / not / a teacher.________________________________
3. Complete the conversation.

a. Hi! My name _____ Carol.____________yourname?
b. Hi! My ________Sara. I ______ twelve. _______old are you?
a. Oh, I _______ twelve, too! ___________ your birthday?
b. My birthday’s _______ March 13th.
a. Really? Mybirthday _____ on March 13th, too!
a. Wow! I ________from Argentina. ________ are you from?
b. Oh, I __________from Italy.

4. Fill in the possessive adjectives.
Ex. he / car his car
a.she / bag
b. they / friends
c. we / brothers
d. I / grandfather

5. Write a/an before the object.
Ex. a board
a. _____ desk
b. _____ eraser
c. _____ notebook
d._____ pen
e. _____ piece of paper
f. _____ ruler
g. _____ pencil
h. _____ backpack
i. _____ board

6. Complete the sentences with There is or There are
Ex. There are threerulers on the desk.
a. ___________ an orange piece of paper on the floor.
b. ___________ a pencil in my backpack.
c. ___________ two pink backpacks under the table.
d. ___________...
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