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VISTA RAINBAR V4.3 – English Version

SIDEBAR INSTALLATION That's very easy, just launch the installer and let it do the work… The program will ask for coordinates of 3 cities for weather gadget, of course you can set only one. If you don't know the ZIP code of your city (required), go to and look for your city ZIP code. The ZIP code will appear on the address bar (e.g.FRXX0128 for Perpignan, FR). Then the installer will ask for directory to the folder which contains pictures the slideshow will have to display (if you wish to use this gadget). All pictures will be scaled to 4/3 format, so the best is to set a folder containing wallpapers, or photographs in landscape format(non widescreen). You can skip these stages, and configure these gadgets later. The installer creates a folder in Start Menu/All Programs, to make or edit the sidebar configuration. After installation, you can choose the skin (background) of sidebar you want by using the arrow buttons (1) on the top right menu and open the gadget gallery window with + (2)button. New gadgets will appear on top-left,then you'll only have to drag them to the sidebar and the new position will be saved. Some gadgets can be moved only by dragging them with the menu appearing on right side, when the gadget is mouseovered (5). Then you can choose the skin you like for each gadget with the right arrow button (4), or maximize it 5 with + button (3, if available). Note: Maximized gadgets will have a differentconfiguration.
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Calendar and RED Calendar Click the day mark to show details for this day. Other functions of vista's weather gadget are not available (like the possibility to show another month, or to show another day than today). Weather A click on the name of the city opens the corresponding page in, with more details foryour city. The 2nd skin of the 1st city displays a palm tree on right side, looking like my avatar. If you want to remove it, or show it on other cities, right-click the gadget to be modified, then Skin Menu/Edit Skin. You'll have to edit the text variables “Palmtree=Y” (yes) or “Palmtree=N” (no), then save and refresh the gadget (Right Click/Skin Menu/Refresh Skin). The gadget updates the infoevery 15 minutes. Sticky Notes To edit text, click the tool gadget shows it instantly. Never delete the 1st line of the text, or the Sidebar may crash. If you deleted it, and the Sidebar doesn't work any more, go to C:\Program Files\Vista Rainbar\Skins\Gadgets\PostIt\Notes.txt, and write something in the text file. RSS Feeds Clicking a line of the gadget opens the corresponding Web page in yourdefault browser. I set 6 different default feeds for everyone. If you want to set a new feed, right-click the gadget to be modified, then Skin Menu/Edit Skin. Replace the variable URL=… with your RSS feed's URL, and TextSite=… with the name of your site, if necessary (Not for the 1st skin). Don't forget to refresh the gadget. You may have problems, and the gadget may not work if the encoding of theRSS feed is different, or if data is not on the same place than original one. Shortcuts – Apps Launcher By default, I put software shortcuts that many people use, but you can of course change them. To do that, right-click the gadget, then Skin Menu/Edit Skin. Then edit variable SoftX.txt=… with the name of the new software, file or folder you wish, and variable SoftX= !execute [" … "] with thedirectory of it. Some softwares can be found by putting only the name (e.g. Soft1= !execute ["iexplore.exe"] for Internet Explorer). If it doesn't work, you have to put the complete directory (e.g. Soft1= !execute ["C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"]). To change the icon, go to C:\Program Files\Vista Rainbar\Skins \Gadgets\Lanceur, and replace the icon to be modified with yours. It...
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