Informatica Economică vol. 14, no. 2/2010


The Modern Approach to IndustrialMaintenance Management
Vasile DEAC, Gheorghe CÂRSTEA, Constantin BÂGU, Florea PÂRVU Academy of EconomicStudies, Bucharest, Romania,,, The maintenance activity isn’t a purpose in itself, it’s anecessity of which “the production suffers” and the financial agent “considers too expensive”. It oftenexists a conflict between the production units and the maintenance department, not only for ashort term, but, sometimes, for a long term, imposing a rigorous definition of each person’sresponsibilities. Considering the mutations in the industrial equipments’ technical complexity andthe accidental failures’ catastrophic consequences from the economic and/or social point of view,it should be assigned a new dimension to the maintenance activity. One of the imperatives [continua]

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