Manual de impresoras star con c#

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Star Micronics Copyright 2011

Version 1.0.0

C# Software Development Kit
How to Use StarIO in C# Thermal Line Mode Printing
This SDK contains a C# Visual Studio 2005 project for use on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, & 7
Works • • • • • • • • • with these Printer Model Series: FVP10 (Ver.1.0 or later) HSP7000 (Ver.1.0 or later) TSP650 (Ver.2.0 or later) TSP700II (Ver.2.0 or later) TSP800II(Ver.1.0 or later) TSP800Rx (Ver.4.3 or later) TSP828 (Ver.4.6 or later) TUP500 (Ver.1.0 or later) TUP900 (Ver.1.2 or later) Supported Interfaces: • • • • Serial Parallel USB Ethernet

Functions Include: • 1D Barcodes, Code93 & I2of5 • 2D Barcodes, QR Code & PDF417 • Drawer Kick • Check Block (ETB) • Text Formatting • Getting Status

Requirements: Visual Studio 2005 or later and .NET Framework2.0 or later. NOTE: • This sample program contains StarIO components from StarIO Version 1.2.3. Details of StarIO(Restrictions, Precautions) are found in the manuals located here: English : Japanese : This sample program provides source code and executables for 32-bit & 64-bit. Executable files for 64-bit cannot be executed in a 32-bit environment. When you open this project in Windows Vista or7, execute Visual Studio as an administrator before opening the sln file. You can achieve this by right-clicking on the Visual Studio 2005 icon and clicking “Run as administrator” in the menu displayed.

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Star Micronics Copyright 2011

Version 1.0.0

Table of Contents
 About this Manual  How to compile and run the C# SDK  Using the SDK with a Star Micronics Printer o PortName and Interface Relation  StarIO - (StarIOPort.DLL) o How to include StarIO into your project o Configuring your project for 32- or 64-bit o StarIO Methods Overview  Class Variables • PortName • PortSettings • Timeout  GetPort – Opening the port to the printer  WritePort – Writing data (print job) to the printer  ReadPort  ReleasePort – Closing the port to the printer  ETB (Verifying thedata transmission) • BeginCheckedBlock • EndCheckedBlock  ResetDevice  GetOnlineStatus  GetParsedStatus  Functionality o StarIO Printer Commands  1D Barcodes • Code 39 • Interleaved 2 of 5 • Code 93 • Code 128  2D Barcodes • QR Code • PDF417  Change Font  Feed  Cut • Partial Cut • Full Cut  Text Formatting • Slashed Zero • Underline


Star Micronics Copyright 2011 Upperline InvertColor (B/W) Emphasized (Bold) Upside-Down Character expansion o Width o Height • Set Left Margin • Set Right Margin • Alignment o Left o Center o Right  SBCS Code Pages  Stored Logo Printing  Getting Online Status of the Printer  Getting Parsed Status of the Printer  Tips for software application development when using StarIO o Classes o Key Terms o Hexadecimal Dumping Mode o The StarIOConvenience o Additional Features o Communication Options  Additional Resources  Star Micronics Developers Network  Finding Star Micronics Drivers and Additional Sample Code  Useful Websites  Technical Questions/Support o ASCII Table • • • • •

Version 1.0.0


Star Micronics Copyright 2011

Version 1.0.0

About this Manual
This manual is designed to help you understand StarIO andhow to build a C# application to interact with Star Micronics Thermal Line Mode Printers. It is important to understand the basics of the C# language and the .NET framework. Although this SDK is for the programming language C#, there are other SDKs available at our website in the Developers section. Check the Developers section of our site for the newest SDKs, technical documentation, FAQs, and muchmore additional resources.

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Provides important information and tips

CAUTION: • • • • The information in this manual is subject to change without notice. STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD. has taken every measure to provide accurate information, but assumes no liability for errors or...