Manual de programacion ctlibraries de sybase

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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Client-Library™ Migration Guide

Open Client™


DOCUMENT ID: DC36065-01-1251-01 LAST REVISED: July 2003 Copyright © 1989-2003 by Sybase, Inc. All rights reserved. This publication pertains to Sybase software and to any subsequent release until otherwise indicated in new editions or technical notes. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. The softwaredescribed herein is furnished under a license agreement, and it may be used or copied only in accordance with the terms of that agreement. To order additional documents, U.S. and Canadian customers should call Customer Fulfillment at (800) 685-8225, fax (617) 229-9845. Customers in other countries with a U.S. license agreement may contact Customer Fulfillment via the above fax number. All otherinternational customers should contact their Sybase subsidiary or local distributor. Upgrades are provided only at regularly scheduled software release dates. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, or translated in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, manual, optical, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Sybase, Inc. Sybase, the Sybase logo, AccelaTrade,ADA Workbench, Adaptable Windowing Environment, Adaptive Component Architecture, Adaptive Server, Adaptive Server Anywhere, Adaptive Server Enterprise, Adaptive Server Enterprise Monitor, Adaptive Server Enterprise Replication, Adaptive Server Everywhere, Adaptive Server IQ, Adaptive Warehouse, Anywhere Studio, Application Manager, AppModeler, APT Workbench, APT-Build, APT-Edit, APT-Execute,APT-FORMS, APT-Translator, APT-Library, AvantGo, AvantGo Application Alerts, AvantGo Mobile Delivery, AvantGo Mobile Document Viewer, AvantGo Mobile Inspection, AvantGo Mobile Marketing Channel, AvantGo Mobile Pharma, AvantGo Mobile Sales, AvantGo Pylon, AvantGo Pylon Application Server, AvantGo Pylon Conduit, AvantGo Pylon PIM Server, AvantGo Pylon Pro, Backup Server, BizTracker, ClearConnect,Client-Library, Client Services, Convoy/DM, Copernicus, Data Pipeline, Data Workbench, DataArchitect, Database Analyzer, DataExpress, DataServer, DataWindow, DB-Library, dbQueue, Developers Workbench, Direct Connect Anywhere, DirectConnect, Distribution Director, e-ADK, E-Anywhere, e-Biz Integrator, E-Whatever, EC Gateway, ECMAP, ECRTP, eFulfillment Accelerator, Embedded SQL, EMS, Enterprise ApplicationStudio, Enterprise Client/Server, Enterprise Connect, Enterprise Data Studio, Enterprise Manager, Enterprise SQL Server Manager, Enterprise Work Architecture, Enterprise Work Designer, Enterprise Work Modeler, eProcurement Accelerator, EWA, Financial Fusion, Financial Fusion Server, Gateway Manager, GlobalFIX, ImpactNow, Industry Warehouse Studio, InfoMaker, Information Anywhere, InformationEverywhere, InformationConnect, InternetBuilder, iScript, Jaguar CTS, jConnect for JDBC, Mail Anywhere Studio, MainframeConnect, Maintenance Express, Manage Anywhere Studio, M-Business Channel, M-Business Network, M-Business Server, MDI Access Server, MDI Database Gateway, media.splash, MetaWorks, My AvantGo, My AvantGo Media Channel, My AvantGo Mobile Marketing, MySupport, Net-Gateway, Net-Library,New Era of Networks, ObjectConnect, ObjectCycle, OmniConnect, OmniSQL Access Module, OmniSQL Toolkit, Open Biz, Open Client, Open ClientConnect, Open Client/Server, Open Client/Server Interfaces, Open Gateway, Open Server, Open ServerConnect, Open Solutions, Optima++, PB-Gen, PC APT Execute, PC Net Library, PocketBuilder, Pocket PowerBuilder, Power++, power.stop, PowerAMC, PowerBuilder, PowerBuilderFoundation Class Library, PowerDesigner, PowerDimensions, PowerDynamo, PowerJ, PowerScript, PowerSite, PowerSocket, Powersoft, PowerStage, PowerStudio, PowerTips, Powersoft Portfolio, Powersoft Professional, PowerWare Desktop, PowerWare Enterprise, ProcessAnalyst, Rapport, Report Workbench, Report-Execute, Replication Agent, Replication Driver, Replication Server, Replication Server Manager,...
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