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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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“The advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones”.

Mobile phones play an important role in our daily lives. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone nowadays as they think that itis an essential tool. But are they so indispensable?
One of the main advantages of using mobile phones is that they are portable. We can carry them anywhere and keep in contact withothers at any time. Moreover, mobile phones enable us to call for help during times of emergency. For instance, if you are involved in an accident or if you witness a crime taking place, you cancall the police immediately. Finally, mobile phones are a source of entertainment tool or a time-saving device. They have varied functions such as MP3 players, radios and games.
On theother hand, mobile phones are quite small that they can be lost easily. In particular, when you keep the mobile phone in the back pocket of the pants, it can fall or somebody can take itwithout problems. Although they are convenient, talking on mobile phones can also be expensive because we need to pay high roaming costs, especially if you are overseas. Besides, there are someplaces where there is no signal for the mobile phone so you can only make emergency calls, which is sometimes very inconvenient. What is more, people can easily become addicted to mobile phonesand start to abuse them since they are now multi purposed with different functions. For example, students can cheat in tests as it is simple to access the Internet at any time or they canplay games and send messages during lessons.
In conclusion, I think that mobile phones are indispensable tools that we cannot live without, but we should avoid abusing them. Therefore, weshould think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages before purchasing a mobile phone, and ask ourselves why we need a mobile phone and whether we will be able to use it responsibly.