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User Manual

SDS1000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope
Version No.: V 1.2

Siglent Technologies Co,.Ltd


Copyright © by Siglent Technologies Co,.Ltd. All rights reserved.

Contents in this Manual are not allowed to copy, extract and translate before being
allowed by Siglent.


SDS1000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Brief
SDS1000CSeries: SDS1102C, SDS1062C, SDS1042C, SDS1022C
SDS1000CE Series: SDS1302CE, SDS1202CE, SDS1102CE, SDS1062CE
SDS1000CM Series: SDS1152CM, SDS1102CM, SDS1062CM
SDS1000CF Series: SDS1304CF, SDS1204CF, SDS1104CF, SDS1064CF

● The volume of the oscilloscope is cabinet and it is portable
● Color TFT LCD display
● Four or Double channels, Bandwidth: 25MHZ-300MHZ.
●Singlereal-time sampling rate are:500MSa/s( SDS1000C series);
1Gsa/s (SDS1000CM Series); 2Gsa/s (SDS1000CE/SDS1000CF Series);
Equivalent sampling rate is 50GSa/s.
● Memory depth are 4Kpts(SDS1000C Series),2Mpts(SDS1000CM Series),
18Kpts(SDS1000CE Series), 24Kpts(SDS1000CF Series).
● Trigger types: Edge, Pulse, Video,Slope and Alternative
● Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function
●Pass/Fail function.
● Auto measure thirty two parameters and support all measurement function.
● Four or Two groups’ reference waveforms and twenty groups’ capture waveforms
and twenty groups’ setups internal save/recall function and USB flash drive
save/recall function.
● Cursor measure types: Manual mode, Track mode and Auto mode.
● Channel waveform and its FFT waveform display on splitscreen.
●Waveform Intensity and Grid Brightness can be adjusted.
● Menu display in the form of pop-up that in order to convenience users to use it.
●Rich Screen display styles: Classical, Modern, Tradition, Succinct.
● Multiple Language User Interface.
● Support Multilingual help system online

● Standard







Device;RS-232(SDS1000C/CE/CM Series have this configuration); Pass/Fail Output;
LAN Port(SDS1000CF Series have this configuration)

SDS1000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope Standard Accessories:
● 1:1/10:1 probe (2/4 PCS)
●Power Cable that fits the standard of destination country
●Qualified Certification.
●Guaranty Card
● CD(including EasyScope3.0 computer software system)
●User Manual
●USB Cable

IV General safety summary

General Safety Summary

Review the following safety precautions to avoid injury and prevent damage to
this product or any products connected to it. To avoid potential hazards, use this
product only as specified.
Only qualified personnel should perform service procedures.
1. To Avoid Fire or Personal Injury
● Use Proper Power Cord. Use only the power cordspecified for this product and
certified for the country of use.
● Connect and Disconnect Properly. Do not connect or disconnect probes or test
leSDS while they are connected to a voltage source.
● Ground the Product. This product is grounded through the grounding conductor
of the power cord. To avoid electric shock, the grounding conductor must be
connected to earth ground. Before makingconnections to the input or output
terminals of the product, ensure that the product is properly grounded.
● Connect the Probe Properly. The probe ground lead is at ground potential. Do not
connect the ground lead to an elevated voltage.
● Observe All Terminal Ratings. To avoid fire or shock hazard, observe all ratings
and marking on the product. Consult the product manual for further ratingsinformation before making connections to the product.
● Do Not Operate Without Covers. Do not operate this product with covers or
panels removed.
● Use Proper Fuse. Use only the fuse type and rating specified for this product.


● Avoid Exposed Circuitry. Do not touch exposed connections and components
when power is present.
● Do Not Operate With Suspected Failures. If you suspect there is...
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