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  • Publicado : 7 de febrero de 2011
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Atlas Copco Surface Drill Rigs

ROC L8 and ROC L830



Master of productivity and flexibility
Hole diameter 110–203 mm (4 5 /16 – 8")

High drilling capacity

and superior hole quality

Atlas Copco’s range of surface crawlers continues to raise the bar. The popular multipurpose ROC L8 drill rig has been refined to increase its performance and versatility – with an evenhigher capacity and greater flexibility than previous models.
You can now drill production holes, improve stripping ratio with double benching and pre-splitting, and control your dilution with reverse circulation (RC) with a single drill rig. The ROC L8 is ideal for most applications in surface mining and quarrying, such as the drilling of production blast holes, pre-split and buffer blast holes aswell as lifters. Its flexibility also makes it well suited for drilling de-watering holes for pit-wall depressurisation. Its low weight and limited dimensions makes the ROC L8 easy to move from site to site, from bench to bench. The versatility of the ROC L8 gives you unique benefits.

The ROC L8 offers you the following benefits:
Straight, accurate blast holes for controlled fragmentationImproved stripping ratio through double benching and pre-splitting Reduction of waste extraction by increasing the pit slope angle Controlled dilution with reverse circulation (RC) sampling (optional module) Flexibility beyond conventional mining and quarry rigs

A selection of rotary heads for optimum use of 4–6" down-the-hole hammers Long life aluminium box profile hydraulic cylinder feed systemwith exchangeable snap on stainless steel wear protections Full-view ROPS and FOPS cabin, silenced and vibration damped

Carousel tube handling system with deep hole capacity and free selection of drill tubes

The flexibility of the ROC L8 feed swing permits inclinations of up to 30 degrees right and left and 40 degrees forward. Full-length, spring operated canopy doors offers full access toservice points

A smart investment in power and precision
The new ROC L8 operates at up to 30 bar pressure and comes with a choice of two different drill tube lengths; with long feed for 6 meter drill tubes or with short feed for 5 meter drill tubes and toe hole drilling capability. The penetration rate of the new ROC L8 is faster than its predecessors’. Drilling capacity has been increased byhigher operating pressure and a unique cylinder feeding system. The new aluminium profile and tube-handling system accommodates drill tubes of up to 140 mm (5 ½”) in diameter.

DTH hammers – strikingly efficient
The ROC L8 can be equipped with a range of Atlas Copco downthe-hole (DTH) hammers well known for their high performance in terms of speed, reliability and longevity. With higherpenetration rates and lower fuel consumption per metre drilled, our DTH hammers make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Flexibility and mobility in focus
The ROC L8 has excellent tramming ability for quick, safe transportation between work sites. For a rig its size, the ROC L8 has outstanding terrain manoeuvrability with its ideal weight distribution and low centre of gravity, generous clearanceand heavy-duty tracks with 20 degrees of oscillation.

Designed to keep you up and running
Like all our crawlers, the ROC L8 is designed for easy maintenance with ready access to service points. All hoses and cables are marked at each end to coincide with the schematic drawings in spare parts lists for better trouble-shooting. The optional fast fuel-filling system adds additional efficiency.Benches using pre-splitting and DTH drilling

Waste excess

Steeper slopes mean better economy
Pre-split DTH drilling using the ROC L8 creates higher and narrower benches. This contributes to steeper pit slopes and less waste rock to be extracted. The advantage is a low waste-to-ore ratio, which means higher productivity and better overall pit economy. The method has been successfully used...
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