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Have you ever felt like drinking, smoking or drug trafficking? Well, our stage right now is certainly the most clamorous stage in our modern life history. Vandalism, petty theft, drug addiction, anddrunkenness are some forms of misbehavior involving the youth of today. But what exactly is juvenile delinquency? Juvenile delinquency does not have a constant or definite meaning. According to somepsychologists, delinquents are those, whose pattern of adjustment, is contrary to the accepted rules. Some say that delinquents are those who violate the law, habitually disobedient or truant. Butdelinquents shouldn’t be treated as criminals but as maturing persons who need outmost guidance, love and support while they find their way towards life. In this paper we will analyze two hypothesis aboutfactors of delinquent behavior in Colonia Teresa Morales. Such analysis will be based on questionnaires and will set the idea of improve life quality by means of positive proposals.
*Find the reasons of juvenile delinquency in Colonia Teresa Morales.
* Stop crime among young people.

1. Why is there so much crime by young people in Colonia Teresa Morales?2. What are the reasons of their criminality?
3. What are the problems surrounding young people that lead them to behave in a negative way?
4. Why low-income young people engage in crime?5. What kind of friends are those that surround youth today?
6. Does the lack of education is a cause for crime? Why?
7. What kind of institutions exist to help these people?
8. Why thesepeople do not receive support from the institutions?

* Family problems
* Economic crisis
* Social problems: discrimination, lack of learning, bad influence friends


Thesedays there’s more and more juvenile crime at Colonia Teresa Morales in the city of Coatzacoalcos due to the scarcity of schools and many other reasons, such as family problems, economic crisis,...
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