Marie curie

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Biography of Marie Curie

Marie Curie, was born in 7 November 1867 and died 4 July 1934. She was a chemistry and physics Polish, laternationalized French. Pioneer in the field of radioactivity, was the first person to receive two Nobel awards and the first female professor at LaUniversidad de Paris.
She was born in Varsovia, where she lived until the age of 24. In 1891 she moved to Paris to continue her studies. She foundedthe Curie Institute in Paris and in Varsovia. She was married with the physicist Pierre Curie and was mother of Ève Curie and deIrène Joliot.Her early years were marked by the painful death of his sister Zofia as result of typhus, and two years later, her mother because of tuberculosis.These events made Marie left the Catholic religion .
In 1893 she got degree in physics and obtained the first place of its promotion; in 1894she also graduated in mathematics, the second of her promotion.
On June 25, 1903 Marie published her doctoral thesis, called: research onradioactive substances. She defended her thesis in a court presided by the physicist Gabriel Lippmann. She received her PhD and received cum laude mention.Curie, after becoming blind, died near Salanches, France, by aplastic anemia, probably as a result of radiation to which it was exposed in theirwork, on July 4, 1934. In 1995, her remains were transferred to the Panthéon of Paris, those becoming the first woman to be buried in it.
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