Marie curie

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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2012
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I was born in Varsovia, Poland on november seventh of 1867, when Poland still belonged to the Russian empire.
I received a general education in local schools and some scientifictraining from my father.
My childhood was marked by the death of my Little sister Zofia and my dearest mother. There I became an agnostic person.
I loved to read an always was a remarcablestudent.
If I could I practice Polish, Russian, German and English.
Therefore I graduated from school at 15 years old.
In 1891 I traveled to Paris in order to continue my studies inthe Sorbona University, where I obtained degrees in physics, mathematics and science.
In 1894 I met Pierre Curie, a professor at the sorbona, he was my husband during 11 years , untill hedied in a car accident.
We spent our honey moon biking around Europe , altough we have a hard work to do.
My husband and me did always work together even we worked building a garagein our house.
As result of that we had few time to dedícate to our two doughters.
I succeeded my husband as head of the physic laboratory at the sorbona University , becoming doctor ofscience degree.
In 1903 I took place as professor of general physics, the first time a woman had raised this position.
Due to all my dedication to work and investigation I was awardedwith the Novel prize of physics in 1903.
Later in 1910 I gained a second Novel prize , this time in chemistry.
So , in conclusion I was the first person in receiving 2 Novel prices indifferent camps.
When the first world war started I proposed the use of mobile radiography for the treatment of wounded soldiers. The car bearing the name of Petit Curie.
In fact myinvention saved many lives.
Just a few months after my last visit to Poland I passed away on July fourth of 1934 from aplastic anemia contracted from my long exposure to radiation.
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