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Making Your Own Flying Paper Butterfly

1) What you will need? - Paper Wing Cut-out - MetalWire - Hollow plastic tube (cut out from balloon stick) - Rubber band - Plastic Bead

2) Bend the metal wire into a “V” shape

3) Hook the rubber band onto the metal wire.

4)Insert the metal wire together with the rubber band into the plastic hollow tube.

5) Pull the metal wire and ensure the rubber band is stretch with the knot sitting securely at theother end of the hollow tube.

6) Insert the rubber bead into the metal wire.

7) Pull the rubber band by holding the metal wire and the tubing. Ensure the rubber band is stretch andthere is some tension. Then bend the metal wire down.

8) The shape of the metal wire should look like the picture on the right.

9) Cut out the paper wing and folds the edges.10) Bend the ends of the wire to form a hook with a pair of pliers.

11) Glue the paper wings to the wire.

12) It should look like the picture on the right.

13) Stick theremaining paper wing to the hollow tube with adhesive tape. The paper butterfly should look something on the right.

14) Apply some lubrication between the bead and the hollow tube asshown on the right.

15) Test flight the paper butterfly by rotating the wing for may be 30 – 50 rounds depending on the type of rubber band you have used.

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