Marketing environment

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Actors and forces outside marketing that affect a company’s ability to build and maintain good relationships with target customers

Offers opportunities and threats
It isdivided in microenvironment and macroenvironment
Build relationships with customers creating customer value and satisfaction. It must work with:
* Company- the differentdepartments of the company must be working together, in harmony thinking in customer.

* Competitors- gain strategic advantage from other companies. They most take care about: share market, share mindand share heart. Also there are different levels of competitors
1. Product form competitors
2. Product category competitors
3. General competition
4. Budget competition

*Suppliers- provide resources to the companies. Trends and developments affect suppliers.

* Marketing Intermediaries- Help the company: promote, sell and distribute. (Disintermediation- elimination ofintermediaries because of the internet, etc)

* Customers- consumer markets, business market, resellers, government market and international market

* Publics- group that has interest in orimpact on an organization ability to achieve its objectives. Example:
1. Financial publics (banks)
2. Media publics ( tv, radio, magazines,etc)
3. Government publics (lawyers dealing withdocuments of the company, etc)
4. Citizen-action publics (environmental groups, etc)
5. Local publics (residents, community organization, etc)
6. General publics
7. Internal publics(workers, managers, volunteers, directors, etc)

Dealing with:
* Future competition- barriers to entry (costs) and to exit (pay taxes). This is unpredictable (hospitalityindustry)
* Demographic- size, age, density, location, race, gender, occupation etc.

* Economic- factors that affect consumer purchasing and spending because of: changes in income or global...
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