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Pivot is the expert to undertake the difficult work and sometimes disheartening task of the first contacts with potential new customers.
Pivot is the link between the functions of Marketing (Define the segments) and sales (to capture and manage customer)
Pivot is a telemarketing company, but aims to help generate business contacts based on creativity,professionalism and high quality
During his experience as a consultant and as commercial director, the founder of Pivot concluded that many companies could benefit from a service that helps them to contact potential new customers

Pivot provides services that help the functions of marketing and sales. If we look at a typical commercial process of product definition, to sale repeated, pivot do:
establishand manage their list of suspects.
first contact.
it comes to converting your target market in names of potential customers.



Competitive: competition is one of the factors that most influence this company, because there are a large number of companies dedicated to that activity.

political and legal: the legislation established has a directimpact on Pivot, because they must meet certain legal restrictions, especially in regard to the privacy policy of this type of business and data protection.
This company works with a lot of personal information, both individual businesses and to encourage greater contact list of their customers.

Social: between the social factors that may have more influence on the company can highlight the"customer confidence in the services offered pivot".
Can have a major influence on the functioning of the company, because without the trust deposited by other companies in Pivot, Pivot existence would be meaningless, because no company would want to hire their services.

Economical environment: in this paragraph, an element that can significantly influence the functioning of the companyis inflation, because inflation raises prices, so that the services offered by Pivot would be more expensive, which can produce a significant fall in demand.


DEMAND: the customers of that company are:

Barcelo Hoteles
Colt Telecom
CRF Corporate Research Foundation
DAA Contenidos (
Daemon Quest
ERA (Expense Reduction Analysts)
HR Access
Tempos 21
Zenit Detectives

- SUPPLY: Pivot offers three service lines:

→ Generating business contacts:

These requirements exist in almost all businesses operating in a competitive environment. In these cases, the "front" (commercial), require the services of a player who will provide the centers as measured asMichael Laudrup. This is the function of Pivot Marketing.

How do they do?
We look at its current management process and ask potential customers to conclude a free trade missions between (some of) its base of potential customers. As we are not a telemarketing company where only premium efficiency and volume, we will do with a guarantee of quality and the most creative, elegant and effective way.And then, when agreeing a fee for our services, we always remember where, to the greatest extent possible, bill you based on the results that add value to your business.
It is also possible that in their market, establish the first contact is not so easy. Maybe the only valid contact a CEO of a company "Top", or that key people are not readily identifiable or contactable.
In this case we thinkof a direct marketing campaign at different levels with different media and a lot of creativity, planning and methods.
In short, it requires an expert partner to make this part of the job.
This is the preferred battlefield Pivot, because one of our slogans is: "the harder the better ..."

→ Sales Outsourcing:
There may come a case that should go a step further in the outsourcing of our...
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