Mary queen of scotland

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This history is told by an employee of the Queen Mary called Bess Curl and she says the following: Mary, now in prison in England, tells the story of his life in a letter to hisson, King James of Scotland. She has not seen since he was ten months old.
Mary became Queen of Scotland when she was a baby. He spent much of his childhood in France and marriedthe French king. This made her queen of France and Scotland, at an early age. However, her husband died soon after and returned to Scotland. As a Catholic, was not popular amongmany Protestants in Scotland.
At twenty-three he married his cousin, Henry Darley. Was, lazy drunks who did not like the hard work of a king. Mary became friends with one, DavidRiccio Italian. One night, the jealous Darley and his friends killed Riccio.
Mary got pregnant and went to Edinburgh Darnley, because the Scottish lords wanted to take her unbornchild and make him king. He soon returned with the help of the powerful Lord Bothwell. Mary ruled for a short time in Edinburgh and his son James was born.
Bothwell was about Maryand helped her. Darnley died one night in a house on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Many people thought that Bothwell had done this.
A few months later Bothwell asked Mary to marryhim. Maria at first refused, but agreed when Bothwell abducted her and her army. However, this marriage was unpopular among the Scottish lords, and Mary was imprisoned in acastle. He agreed that his half-brother could rule the country until James was old enough to be king.
Mary escaped, but lost the fight to become queen again. He went to England hopingto enlist the help of Queen Elizabeth, but was imprisoned for twenty years. The protestant Queen Elizabeth saw the Catholic Queen Mary as a danger and Mary executed in 1587.
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