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Mazda Design 2008 Press Kit Content
M{ZD{ DESIGN world

Mazda Design award list
>>> Mazda Senku
“Most Beautiful Design Concept“ Festival Automobile International, Paris, 2005


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Mazda’s design DNA Mazda Car Design How to design a car: six steps to sketching a concept From Concept to Production: Mazda DesignAdvanced design at Mazda: four global studios in full flow

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Zoom-Zoom: the physical interpretation of Mazda’s brand heritage How to design a Mazda: the lines and elements that make a Mazda a Mazda Inside design: the future of interior design at Mazda Colour & Trim: drivingdevelopments with new materials Mazda’s design process: the fusion of art and science The story and importance of Flow: the Nagare generation ‘Flow’ – Nagare design series Mazda Nagare concept – Los Angeles Motor Show 2007 (October 2006) Mazda Ryuga concept – North American International Auto Show 2007 Mazda Hakaze concept – Geneva Motor Show 2007 Mazda Taiki concept – Tokyo Motor Show 2007 MazdaFurai concept – North American International Auto Show 2008

>>> Mazda Kabura
“Aesthetic and Innovation Award“ Detroit Motor Show, 2006

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>>> Mazda Ryuga
“Louis Vuitton Classic Concept Award“ Detroit Motor Show, 2008

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>>> Mazda global design team
“Grand Prix Du Design“ Festival Automobile International, Paris, 2008

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Laurens van den Acker, General Manager, Design Division, Mazda Corporation Peter Birtwhistle, Chief Designer, Mazda Research & Development, Europe Franz von Holzhausen, Director of Design, Mazda North American Operations Atsuhiko Yamada, Chief Designer, Manager Advance Design Group, Design Division, Yokohama

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>>>Appendix: 25 years of Mazda Design



Mazda 2


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come up with a new design identity for Mazda, Laurens van

common – in this case the elements that make a Mazda look like a Mazda. Usually these elements include the look and shape of the grille, the roof angle and the shape of the headlights and even rear taillights. It can alsomean a crease in a body panel, the shape of a window or even an unusual

den Acker and his design team had to condense and refine important heritage and brand identifiers into future design DNA. But what is design DNA?

As its name would suggest, it’s not so different from a human genome. Design DNA is a name for the basic building blocks that makes a car recognisable. It’s a design element thatensures a car shares visual characteristics with other vehicles in the same family, while at the same time distinguishing it from other brands and other products. Essentially they are the visual features that a family of cars has in

wheel design that is visually identifiable with a car brand. If these are the essential ingredients for a design language then the combination of them together,crafted expertly, and when well executed, should lead to a number of distinctive and brandunique new cars. In this case the goal is to create a family of beautiful vehicles, all uniquely different, yet recognizably Mazda.


Mazda 6


m{zd{ car design

one integrated process from concept to creation


Mazda, concept car development plays a vital role in enhancing





documenting the nature of consumers’ lifestyles through observation; by watching how consumers use the vehicles they own and documenting how they feel about them. In combination with market data – which indicates consumers’ buying habits – the APS team is able to evaluate the potential marketability of future vehicles. At this point the APS team is able to...
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