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In this paper I’m going to write about soccer culture. What is it that makes this culture distinctive or unique from other cultures? How do members of other cultures view this culture? Are they proud of it? Understand it? Misunderstand it? Disapprove of it?
Soccer culture refers to the cultural aspects surrounding the game of association soccer. In many countries, soccer has ingrained itselfinto the national culture, and parts of life may revolve around it. Many countries have daily soccer newspapers, as well as soccer magazines. Soccer players especially in the top levels of the game have become role models for people. The game has become glamourized, with many children practicing the game and aspiring to the wealth shown off by the top soccer players. Soccer’s power runs deeper thanthe ninety minutes played on the pitch, it has held the power to unify nations, it has played out wars and it has brought people together from around the world. For example the FIFA World Cup held every four years is the quintessential soccer event, combining the greatest players in the world and the passion of the fans. Soccer has a long and glorious history, with which a vast and diverse culturehas emerged. The culture of soccer can be easily divided into how the players, fans and clubs see the sport. 1
What makes this culture distinctive or unique from other cultures? From my perspective, it is the passion. Every time you watch or play a soccer match there is a feeling which can’t be compared to anything. There is nothing better. Since I can remember soccer has been part of my life.Started playing soccer with my friends at school, following my favorite team on TV and when possible attend to the Stadium to cheer them up. Also, when your national soccer team plays against other national team, the whole country stop what they were doing. It’s like a ceremony, everyone stops doing what they were doing. Families, friends get together to witness the soccer match. The barbeque ison; the beers are on the freezer getting cold, snacks are on the table. So when the match starts everyone is paying attention to the TV. Now you start drinking your beer, eating some snacks, commenting the match with who’s around you and keep looking the match. At the half of the match go outside check the barbeque; continue commenting about the soccer match. When the second half begin, everyonetakes the position they were taking. Hopefully your team will score and when that happened, instantly everyone will start screaming GOOOOAAAAAL, acting like crazy, giving hugs to everyone near you. If you decide and have the opportunity to attend a soccer match in the stadium the passion is way higher than looking at home. In the stadium you are always cheering. There different ways to cheer, forexample by chants Soccer chants are generated by fans at matches to encourage their team, insult the opposition, or just make a noise. Some clubs have their own anthems which the crowds sing.2 Because of that the away team will know there not playing home and it’s a disadvantage to them, they will feel feared and the home team will take advantage of that, playing harder, knowing they have the supportof fans. But always both teams will play with fair play. Fair play is the name of a FIFA program which aims to increase sportsmanship as well as prevent discrimination in the game of soccer. This also involves programs to reduce racism in the game. The program extends to outside of soccer, in trying to support charities and other organizations which improve conditions around the world.3When I was 14 years old, I started to see soccer in a different way that I used to. Influences make a person change, especially when young. Being adolescent is a stage where identity is not completely defined. For me, I started looking at my friends and the way they react to soccer and how it affected them. I was influenced by them as a role model. Maybe because of that, now I...
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