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The ketchup songs, written and sung by the three young Spanish sisters, Lola, Pilar and Lucia Muñoz - best knownas ketchups has a catchy chorus and easy-to-learn dance movements. It is in the first place in many Latin American countries and is taking off in U.S radio stations.
Many people think its chorusdoesn´t mean anything in English or Spanish. For the reason, if you want to listen to it, get it and play it today because it will be gone very soon.
1. The author´s intention is:
a. To promotethe artists´ image
b. To criticize the artistic quality of the song
c. To give detailed information about “ketchups”.
d. To make you
2. The author assumes that:
a. Readers know alot about “ketchups”
b. Readers know nothing about “ketchups”
c. Readers are the “ketchups” fans
3. We can infer that the expression “ catchy chorus” means:
a. a difficult andeasy-to-remember tune and lyrics
b. A pleasant and easy-to-remember tune and lyrics
c. None of the above.
READ THE TEXT BELOV CAREFULLY AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. CIRCLE YOUR CHOISE.According to recent surveys, eating habits among the majority of teenagers are changing dramatically.
Today, most adolescents like being slim and smart. Many of them go on strict diets to lose weight.Besides, some of them worry so much about getting into shape that they start to lose their appetite and become anorexic.
Others feel so guilty after eating their normal meals that they become sick andstart to suffer from bulimia.
What nutritionists recommend is to eat healthy food which means that people should include plenty of fruit, lots of vegetables and white meat in their shopping.
1.Most adolescents think that :
a. Being in shape is not fashionable
b. Being in shape is fashionable
c. Being in shape is unnecessary

2. We can deduce that:
a. People should see...
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