Medicamentos del caro de paro

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Theme: A dream come true

The story began one April 30, 1996 where a girl was born which they called, Daysha Ivelisse Gonzalez Hernandez. A girl that is very happy today since turning hisfifteen years as his dream was come true after traveling each year to the United States.
From three years old Daysha A traveled to the United States each summer to hang out with his father named John,as each year traveling to the United States was the same go BushGardens, Disney, traveling and being with my father but That was not what I queria.Luego in August 2000 my brother was born myfather's side of Panama a woman so when I heard the news from that day I became very rebellious and no respect for anyone and I had a little jealousy and saw that my dream was going to not come true.Segui traveling to the United States with the same love to see my father again conoser to my brother and to have fun. Years passed and the day came I was fifteen and my father traveled to Puerto Ricosurprise leaving everything I had to come back to get up on the day of my fifteen years the day I never thought would happen to my father as each birthday I just went with my mother. Lleo my fatherraised me to my house and told me, here I am with you on your birthday and I'll stay with you and your mother for the rest of my life. That was the best day of my life and I live each day sincethat day. After my fifteen years my parents back together the love still felt in toward each other and which are together today and I'm very happy and I got even more beautiful sister showing me thelove that they had each other.
This stage of my life I will never forget and one suggests that as a human being is as puts errors and should not surrender to fight for what you want. Thanks tothis stage of my life I can see that if you really love though so will pass through a thousand years and every year of my life was just a dream that became reality on the day of my fifteen years.
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