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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2010
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The Security Vision

In recent years the border states of northern Mexico have been facing various problems of public safety, national security threats, and since the terrorist attacks of 2001, bysome measures adopted in the framework of policy border security of the United States government and have an impact on the region and that it is manifested more strongly the impact of uncertainty inits various dimensions.

The border region between Mexico and the United States has experienced rapid changes in the last decade. To speak of insecurity in the region, we must speak of problemsranging from minor crimes or public safety, such as theft, robbery or kidnapping offenses from having to do with national security such as drug trafficking, arms trafficking or other forms of organizedcrime, in addition to the security or border control threats from terrorists, not to mention human security problems such as addictions.

The safety objective vision is of a border region wherepeople can live free of threats from organized crime and common crime, and where the movement of people and goods across the border to be efficient and safe from security perspective national. This visionof a safe and secure border region contains several elements.

Information sharing. The authorities of the border region and develop confidence mechanisms for a rapid exchange of policeinformation and intelligence right through the border.

Training and professional standards. The region will develop, maintain and implement training standards and improve working practices across the agreedborder.

Technology and Resources. The agencies for law enforcement on both sides of the border will have access to adequate resources and better technology to fight crime effectively.Binational cooperation and coordination. Binational cooperation is common and normal and emergencies and civil protection, shall establish procedures and protocols of cooperation and coordination....
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