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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2011
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How are you ?
"I'm fine and you?
I also
And now you're doing still studying?
If I keep studying
In high school number 9
And to what degree you
Thirdly, and you study?
IfI, too, but I go in fourth quarter
Waw that good
Hey you think on Friday I went to a party and got drunk was doing things I never miss
A if and with whom you were
With some friends from schoolNot because I was invited to a party and i do not know if I can go
Because my parents will not let me say it's night and as I live far away want to take
And who is the party?
Is friends meetits 15 years and you know your party will be dancing and will dance in my life like never clear if they let me go
Well, you should go because if your friend is going to feel bad
If it is, but myparents do not want
Mmmm that bad
Changing the subject hears remember Juan
If John who was bathing in a game of the October celebrations
A if if Juan and I remember as forgotten haha
Then hesays he wants to talk
talk about that?
As I said, but I think it's a football game if they would play or something
To say that if they send me a message or talk to me
Ok I say
Well now I have to gobecause my parents expect me
Ok bye
Thou dost

¿Como has estado?
¿Yo muy bien y tu?
Yo también
Y ahora que estas haciendo sigues estudiando
Si sigo estudiando
En dondeEn la preparatoria numero 9
Y en que grado vas
En tercero y tu estudias?
Si yo también aunque que yo voy en cuarto semestre
Waw que bueno
Oye que crees el viernes pasado fui a una fiesta y mepuse borracho estaba haciendo cosas que nunca había echo
A si y con quien fuiste
Con unos amigos de la escuela
No pues a mi me invitaron a una fiesta también y la verdad no se si pueda ir
PorquePorque mis papas no me dejan ir dicen que es muy noche y como vivo muy lejos no me quieren llevar
Y de quien es la fiesta
Es de una amiga cumplirá sus 15 años y le harán su fiesta ya sabes habrá...
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