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  • Publicado : 21 de junio de 2010
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Turn Signal LED Mirrors Installation Instructions
PART # 104-005, 104-006
MOSS MOTORS, LTD. 440 Rutherford St. P.O. Box 847 Goleta, CA 93116 1-800-235-6954 • FAX 805-692-2525 •

Required tools: * Phillips screwdriver * Small flat screwdriver * Pick * Long screwdriver or wire coat hanger * T-30 Torx * Pliers 1) Use a pick or a small flat blade screwdriver to removethe factory mirror cover from the passenger side door. There are three attachment points on the top side of the mirror cover and two on the bottom.

Illustration 1 cont 2) Now that the mirror coveris removed you can remove the mirror from the adjuster using a pick or small screwdriver. Unhook the tabs on the mirror from the adjuster as you gently pull on the mirror.

Illustration 1Illustration 2

104-005, 104-006


Rev. 08/09

Turn Signal LED Mirrors Installation Instructions

Illustration 2 cont 3) Remove the passenger side fender blinker. Push the blinker toward therear of the car and then lift the front of the blinker. Back

Illustration 4 cont 5) Remove the speaker from the door using a Philips screwdriver. This will give you room to route the wires properlythrough the door panel. Roll the window up. Gather the passenger (right) side turn signal LED mirror and one of the long harnesses. Install the new mirror onto the mirror adjuster. Connect the longharness to the mirror; make sure the wire colors correspond. Feed the wires from the turn signal mirror down into the door along side the power mirror wires (you may need to tape the wires to a longscrewdriver or wire hanger). Reach into the door and gently pull the wires though. Wrap the wires from the turn signal around the wires from the power mirrors. This will keep the wires out of the way whenthe window is rolled up and down. If you have heated mirrors, plug the factory harness into the new turn signal heated mirror.

Illustration 3

And Then Out

4) Remove the inner door panel....
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