Mesa boogie amps

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Hello from the Tone Farm
...You, smart player and all around intuitive human, have put your trust in us to be your amplifier company. This is something we do not take lightly.By purchasing and choosing this unit to be a part of your musical voice, you have become part of the MESA family...WELCOME! Our goal is to never let you down.Your reward is that you are now the owner of a great amp, bredof fine all tube amp heritage...benefiting from the many pioneering and patented MESA circuits that led to the refinement of your new instrument. Feel confident, as we do, this amp will inspire many hours of musical satisfaction and lasting enjoyment. It was built with you in mind, by players who know the value of a fine musical instrument and the commitment it takes to make great music. The samecommitment to quality, value and support we make to you...our new friend.

Your MESA/Boogie Amplifier is a professional instrument. Please treat it with respect and operate it properly.


USE COMMON SENSE AND ALWAYS OBSERVE THESE PRECAUTIONS: WARNING: EU: permission from the Supply Authority is needed before connection. WARNING: Vacuum tube amplifiers generate heat. Toinsure proper ventilation always make certain there is at least four inches (100mm) of space behind the rear of the amplifier cabinet. Keep away from curtains or any flammable objects. WARNING: Do not block any ventilation openings on the rear or top of the amplifier. Do not impede ventilation by placing objects on top of the amplifier which extend past the rear edge of its cabinet. WARNING: Donot expose the amplifier to rain, moisture, dripping or splashing water. Do not place objects filled with liquids on or nearby the amplifier. WARNING: Always make certain proper load is connected before operating the amplifier. Failure to do so could pose a shock hazard and may result in damage to the amplifier. Do not expose amplifier to direct sunlight or extremely high temperatures. Alwaysinsure that amplifier is properly grounded. Always unplug AC power cord before changing fuse or any tubes. When replacing fuse, use only same type and rating. Avoid direct contact with heated tubes. Keep amplifier away from children. Be sure to connect to an AC power supply that meets the power supply specifications listed on the rear of the unit. Remove the power plug from the AC mains socket if theunit is to be stored for an extended period of time. If there is any danger of lightning occurring nearby, remove the power plug from the wall socket in advance. To avoid damaging your speakers and other playback equipment, turn off the power of all related equipment before making the connections. Do not use excessive force in handling control buttons, switches and controls. Do not use solventssuch as benzene or paint thinner to clean the unit. Wipe off the exterior with soft cloth.
YOUR AMPLIFIER IS LOUD! EXPOSURE TO HIGH SOUND VOLUMES MAY CAUSE PERMANENT HEARING DAMAGE ! No user serviceable parts inside. Refer service to qualified personnel. Always unplug AC power before removing chassis. EXPORT MODELS: Always insure that unit is wired for proper voltage. Make certain grounding conformswith local standards.


Three Channel Dual & Triple Rectifier Solo Heads

___________________________ 1


Getting Started & Helpful Hints ___________________________________________________________2

-3 Instant Gratification (3 samplesettings) _____________________________________________________ 3 CHANNEL MODES Channel 1 (Clean / Pushed) ____________________________________________________________

___ 4 Channel 2 & 3 (Raw, Modern & Vintage) ____________________________________________________4-5 THE CONTROLS Gain, Treble and Master ____________________________________________________________

______6-7 Mid, Presence and...
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