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  • Publicado : 21 de octubre de 2010
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Metales M5
On March 27 I was visiting one of the most cultural cities I have ever seen in Mexico, Tehuacan, Puebla. I was there for cultural event “Festival Internaciaonalde Tehuacan” which opens its door to a different variety of musicians from psicodelic rock to classical ensembles. As I was there I encountered one of the most fun and cheerfulconcerts I have ever attended. The internationally known Mexican brass ensemble “Metales M5” was having a show that same night.
Formed by five musicians, one German and fourMexican, there are two trumpets, one trombone, one tuba, and one French horn. All five of these musician, having studied all in prestigious music school, were all at one timepart of an orchestra and realized they wanted to do something fun and different from what all brass ensemble will sound like. The area in which I saw them, was a semi-openedstage with only a roof and no walls, therefore it was still out in the open.
This ensemble is very well known for their fun and charismatic way of combining the mostdifferent types of music in the world. Their form of putting theatrical scenes in their concert has made them critically acclaimed shows that has no doubt that any one who enjoyslistening to music will like.
Having very different pieces to go threw in one concert is what I enjoyed very much from this show. Songs from the musical soundtracks of JamesBond and Star Wars to playing the most popular music in Mexico, The Mariachi, and still not forgetting to leave out J. S Bach and Vivaldi, was one of the funest shows I haveever attended. Also their charismatic and cheerful theatrical skits in between the pieces is what make them what they are, the best brass ensemble in the whole country of Mexico.
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