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My town 500 years ago
About 500 years ago, the Aztec empire dominated the whole Valley of Mexico. The empire was on its splendor before the arrival of the Spanish army, so the distribution of goodsand people was very organized.
The central crop was corn and Aztec were so dependant of it that they developed irrigation systems in order to assure the correct growth. In shallow lakes they madeislands of mud called chinampas and used them as a place for growing crops, with the advantage that they were very fertile. Other crops grown were tomato, pumpkin, chía, beans, chilli, sweet potato, redpepper, amaranth, peanuts, pineapple, avocado, black sapote, chocolate and vanilla.
Aztecs had a developed economy and this allowed the trade of different items that came from other regions;the principal goods imported were chilli, cotton, fruits, honey and cocoa. The cattle breeding weren’t that successful; they only bred turkey and several types of dogs of which only one was eaten.Near the Valley of Mexico, three lakes were located. The lake Texcoco was briny so it wasn’t possible to use the water for human consume. The lakes Chalco and Xochimilco had fresh water; therefore thislakes along some tivers were the principal water resource of the Aztec civilization.
Most of the houses were made of adobe and branches that protected people form heat. They had one window and adoor with curtain of reeds. Other houses were made of stone covered with stucco.
Between my life style and the life style of people that lived in Mexico about 500 years ago, there are few similaritiesand a lot of differences. The most important needs they had are equal to the ones I have now: food, water and shelter. The difference is the way that they are satisfied.
Some time ago, people had tohunt and to grow their own food because there was no other way of obtaining it. Now, I just need to go to a supermarket and there I’ll find anything I want; a big variety of products exist and time...
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